Script Library

The Players have built up a considerable library of over 600 second hand play scripts for use by directors for selecting plays. These are available for loan to members and other local groups.

An index to the scripts can be found listed under authors or play title at the end of this page.

It is felt that other local societies might appreciate access to this library and we have formulated the following scheme.

Contact to arrange collection

A returnable deposit of £1 per book, forfeited if not renewed by phone or email or returned within one calender month

Information required

Name, address , email, and phone of borrower

Secretary of theatre group, e-mail and phone


If anyone would like to donate a script to the library we would be happy to include it.

* Denotes a musical. (1a) Is a one act c. Denotes collection

( Plays Bracketed together are all in one volume. (3) Denotes there are three copies

Abbot, George 20 best USA Three Men on a Horse
Where’s Charley?*
The Pajama Game*
A Bill of Divorcement. Great Modern British Plays 1932 Clemence Dane
Absurd Person Singular (2) Alan Ayckbourn
Adams, P H Cinderella
Admiral Crichton. The J M Barrie
Abraham Lincoln Plays of today 1925 John Drinkwater
Accomplice Rupert Holmes
Accounts Gay Plays Michael Wilcox
Addison, Joseph Beggars’ Opera Cato
Ackland, Rodney Famous Plays of the Year 1932-33 Strange Orchestra
Plays of 1949 Before the Party
Adventure Story(2) Terence Rattigan
Afore Night Came (2) Penguin Plays 7 David Rudkin
After Magritte Tom Stoppard
After you with the Milk Ben Travers
Albee, Edward A Delicate Balance
Albery, James 19th c Plays, World Classics Two Roses
Alison’s Lad (1a) 9 Modern Plays 1929 B M Dix
Alldridge, John The Gentle Arm
Alien Corn Famous Plays of the Year 1933 Sidney Howard
Allegro* Rogers & Hammerstein
Allen, Jay Preston The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie
All My sons Best of American Theatre Arthur Miller
Alpha Beta E A Whitehead
Alphabetical Order (4) Michael Frayn
Amazons, The Arthur W Pinero
Amber Gate, The Kitty Barne
Anagram for Murder Seymour Matthews
Anderson, Maxwell Bad Seed
25 Best of American Theatre ( Saturday’s Children
( Gods of the Lightning
Best of American Theatre Ann of the Thousand Days
20 Best of American Theatre ( Winterset
( High Tor
An Enemy of the People Ibsen
An Ideal Husband Oscar Wilde
An Inspector Calls (2) Pan + J B Priestley
Annie Get Your Gun* Irving Berlin
Animal Kingdom, The 20 Best of American Theatre Philip Barry
Anniversary The Bill Macllwraith
Ann of the Thousand Days Best American Theatre Maxwell Anderson
Ann Veronica Plays of year 1949 Ronald Gow
Anouilh, Jean The Fighting Cock
3 European Plays Ring Round the Moon
Anthony, C L Famous Plays of the Year 32 -33 Service
Famous Plays of the Year 34 Touch Wood
Autumn Crocus (3)
Ants, The Radio Plays Caryl Churchill
Any Other Business Plays of year 58 George Ross and Campbell Singer
Arbuzov, Aleksei ( a play in two parts) Old -World
Arden, John Plays 1 ( The Waters of Babylon
( When is a Door not a Door
( Live Like Pigs
( Sergeant Musgrave’s Dance (2)
Also, Penguin New English dramatists 4 ( The Happy Haven (2)
Plays of Year 58 The Party
Aria da Capo (1a) 25 best American Theatre Edna St Vincent Millay
Arms and the Man Plays Pleasant GB Shaw
Armstrong, Anthony Famous plays of 33 Ten-Minute Alibi
Arsenic and Old Lace (3) Joseph Kesselring
Artful Widow, The c Goldini
Ass and the Philosophers, The(1a) Gwenyth Jones
Astell, Betty Cinderella
As You Like It William Shakespeare
At Mrs Beam’s Great Modern Plays C K Munro
Aucassin and Nicolette, The Ballad of Charles Causley
Autumn Crocus Plays of 30s Vol 2 Dodie Smith
C.L Anthony(3)
Autumn Garden, The Best of American Theatre Lillian Hellman
Ayckbourn Alan Absurd Person Singular (2)
Bedroom Farce
How the Other Half Loves
Drowning on Dry Land (4)
Intimate Exchanges Vol. 1(8 scripts)
It Could be Any One of Us (2)
Relatively Speaking (2)
Man of the Moment
Season’s Greetings(5)
Taking Steps
Time of my Life
Ten Times Table
Time and Time Again
Beaton, Alistair Feelgood
Background Play of the Year 50 Chatham-Strode
Bad Seed Maxwell Anderson
Bagnold, Enid The Chalk garden
Baker, Elizabeth Plays of Today 1923 Chains
Balderston, John 25 USA Berkley Square
Bald Prima donna collection Eugene Ionesco
Ballad of Aucussan & Nicolette Charles Causley
Barn, Kitty The Amber Gate
Barretts of Wimpole Street, The Plays of the 30s Vol 2 Rudolf Besier
Baring, Maurice 9 Modern Plays The Rehearsal (1a)
Barrie JM Dear Brutus
Quality Street
Peter Pan (3)
The Admirable Crichton
What Every Woman Knows
Barry, Philip 25 USA Paris Bound
20 Best USA The Animal Kingdom
Batchelor Party. The TV Plays Paddy Chayefsky
Bate,Sam Decline and Fall (1a)
Batson, George The House on the Cliff
Bax, Clifford 9 Modern Plays The Protesters of Isphan (1a)
Beach, Lewis 25 USA The Clad
Bear, The Penguin classics Chekhov
Beckett, Samuel (Krapp’s Last Tape
Becky Sharp (1a) Plays of Today 1 Olive Conway
Bedroom Farce Alan Ayckbourn
Before the Party Plays of the year 1949 Rodney Ackland
Behan, Brendon The Hostage
Behold We Live Famous plays of 1933 John Van Druten
Behrman, S J 25 USA The Second Man
20 Best USA End of summer
Bell J J 19th C Thread O’ Scarlet (1a)
Bellon, Loleh Thursday’s ladies
Bells, The 19th C Leopold Lewis
Bells are Ringing* Betty Comeden & Adolph Green
Bell Book and Candle Best USA John VAn Druten
Benfield, Derek Beyond a Joke (2)
Bennett, Alan The Old Country (2)
Faber & Faber ( Forty Years On
( Getting On
( Habeas Corpus (7)
( Enjoy
Bennett, Arnold Great Modern Plays Milestones
Berkley, Reginald Great Modern Plays The White Chateau
Famous Plays of Today The Lady with the Lamp
Berlin, Irving Annie get your Gun*
Bermage, Barry Radio Plays No Quarter
Besier, Rudolf Great Modern Plays The,Virgin Goddess
Plays of the 30s Vol 2 The Baretts of Wimpole Street
Betti, Ugo 3 European Plays The Queen and the Rebels
Beyond a Joke (2) Derek Benfield
Big Deal, The T V Plays Paddy Chayefsky
Bill of divorcement, A Great Modern Plays Clemence Dane
Billy Budd Best USA Louis cox
Billy Liar (2) Plays of the 60s Keith Waterhouse
Bishop’s Candlesticks, The (1a) 9 Modern Plays Norman McKinnel
Bitter Sweet Vol 1 Noel Coward
Black Chiffon Lesley Storm
Plays of the Year 1949
Black Comedy Peter Schafer
Black Eye’d Susan 19th C Douglas Jerrold
Blithe Spirit (3) Noel Coward
Vol 5
Blue Murder (1a) first Windmill Book of 1 Act Plays Kenneth Lillington
Boland, Bridget Plays of 1948- 49 Cockpit
Bolt, Robert New English 6 A Man for all Seasons
The Tiger and the Horse
Bolt From the Blue, A David Tristram
Bonadventure Plays of the year 1949- 50 Charlotte Hastings
Book of the Month Basil Thomas
Boothe, Clare 20 Best USA The Women
Born Yesterday Garson Kanin
Boounces collection John Godber
Boy comes Home The (1a) Plays of Today A A Milne
Boucicault, Dion 19th C The Colleen Bawn
Boy Friend, The * Sandy Wilson
Boy Meets Girl 20 Best USA Bella Spewack
Boy with the Cart, The Christopher Fry
Bradbury, A J A Weapon in Wax (1a)
Bradwell, John First Windmill Book of 1 Act Plays Daniel and Bel
Breadwinner, The Somerset Maugham
Brecht, Bertolt Mother Courage and her Children
The Good Person of Szechwan
The Caucasian Chalk Circle
Breath of Spring Peter Coke
Brett, Michael The Bridegroom Rose Early (1a)
Bridegroom rose Early, The Michael Brett
Bridie, James Plays of the 30s Vol 1 Tobias and the Angel
Brighouse, Harold Great Modern Plays Hobsons Choice
9 Modern Plays The Price of Coal (1a)
Plays of today Followers (1a)
Brimstone and Treacle Dennis Potter
Briux 3 Briux Plays ( Maternity
( The Three Daughter of M Dupont
( Damaged Goods
Broadway 25 USA George Dunning
Brown, Alan Cinderella
Brown Wynyard Plays of the Year 1949 – 50 The Holly and the Ivy
The Browning Version (2) Rattigan Plays 1 Terrence Rattigan
Bulwer-Lyton, Edward 19th C Money
Bury the Dead 20 Best USA Irwin Shaw
Butler, Dan The Case of the Dead Flamenco Dancer*
Butley Simon Gray
Cafe´,The (1a) Neville Waterhouse
Caird, John Peter Pan (2)
California Suite Neil Simon
Call the Selkie Home (1a) fFrst Windmill Book of 1 Act Plays Elinor D Glaser
Camberley Triangle,The A A Milne
Camel’s Back, The Arnold Helsbey
Campbell, Dorothy Grand National Night
Campbell of Kilmuir (1a) Plays of Today J A Furgason
Camoletti, Mark Happy Birthday
Campion, Cyril Ladies in Waiting
Caravans,The Genius of the Irish Theatre Lady Gregory
Candida Plays Pleasant G B shaw
Candied Peel (2) Falkland Cary
Captain Brassbound’s conversion G B Shaw
Carousel* Rogers and Hammerstein
Caramba’s revenge William Norfolk
Carter, Margaret Goldilocks and the Three Bears
Cartwright, Jim Two and Bed
Cary, Falkland Candied Peel(2)
An air for Murder
Case of the Dead Flamenco Dancer,The* Dan Butler
Caste (2) Great Modern Plays T W Robins
Castles in the Air Plays of the year 1949 – 50 Alan Melville
Cato Beggars Opera Joseph Addison
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Tennessee Williams
Cat on the Fiddle John Dole
Caucasian Chalk Circle, The Berthotl Brecht
Causley, Charles The Ballad of Aucussan & Nicolette
Cavalcade Noel Coward
Vol 1
Caesar and Cleopatra G B Shaw
Celebration Keith Waterhouse & Willis Hall
Chairs,The Eugene Ionesco
Charity Original Plays of W S Gilbert
Chains Plays of Today 1925 Elizabeth Baker
Chalk Garden, The Enid Bagnold
Chaplin , Harold Great Modern Plays The New Morality
9 Modern Plays The Philosopher of Butterbiggen (1a)
84 Charing Cross Road Helen Hanff
Charles Moie Murder in the Vicarage
Charlie’s Aunt (3) Brandon Thomas
Chayefsky, Paddy T V Plays ( The Bachelor Party
( Printers Measure
( Holiday song
( The Big Deal
( The Mother
( Marty
Chatham-Strode Famous Plays of 1932-33 Sometimes Even You
Plays of the year 1950 Background
Checkmate Leslie smith
Chekhov. Anton Penguin Classics ( Ivanov
see also Bantam World Drama ( The Seagull (3)
( Uncle Vanya (2)
( Three Sisters (2)
( The Cherry Orchard (3)
( The Bear
( The Proposal
( A Jubilee
Cherrett, Don The Disappearance of Kate
Cherry Orchard, The Anton Chekhov
Chicken Soup with Barley Penguin Plays 1 Arnold Wesker
Children in Uniform Famous Plays of 1932- 33 Christa Winsloe
Children’s Hour 20 Best USA Lillian Hellman
Chin, Jimmy A Respectable Funeral (1a)
Chips with Everything (2) New English 7 Arnold Wesker
Chlumberg, Hans Famous plays of 1932-33 Miracle at Verdun
Christie, Agatha Verdict
The Unexpected Guest
Witness for the Prosecution (2)
Christie D & C Plays of the year 1950 His Excellency
Christmas Carol, A (2) Shaun Sutton
Christoper-Wood, John Elsie and Nom’s Macbeth
Churchill, Caryl Radio Plays The Ants
Cinderella P H Adams & Conrad Carter
Cinderella (2) Betty Astell
Cinderella Jon Moreley
Cinderella Alan Brown
Cinderella* John Crocker
Cinderella The Wilfred Ward Family
Circle, The (2) Great Modern Plays Somerset Maugham
Clandestine Marriage Beggars Opera George Coleman
Clark, Brian The Petition
Clepper P M Joseph Andrews
Clod, The 25 USA Lewis Beach
Close the Coal house Door Alan Plater
Cockpit Plays of 1948-49 Bridget Boland
Coffee, Lenore Plays of 1948-49 Family Portrait
Coggin, Dan Nunsence*
Coke, Peter Fools Paradise
Breath of Spring
What are Little Girls Made Of
Coles, Enid Under the Twelfth Sign (1a) (3)
Collect Your Hand Luggage Lunch Hour John Mortimer
Collection, The Harold Pinter
Coleen Bawn, The 19th C Dan Boucicault
Coleman, George Beggars’ Opera Clandestine Marriage
Camden, Barry Bells are Ringing
Comedy and Tragedy Original Plays of 3rd W S Gilbert
Come Back Little Sheba Best USA William Inge
Come Blow up Your Horn Neil Simon
Confusions Alan Ayckbourn
Connelly, Mare 20 Best USA Green Pastures
Congreve, William The Way of the World
Concle, E P 25 USA Minnie Field (1a)
Constant Nymph, The Years Between Margaret Kennedy
Constant Wife, The Somerset Maugham
Conversation Piece Vol 2 Noel Coward
Conway, Olive Plays of today 1925 Becky Sharp (1a)
Coony, Ray Not Now Darling (2)
Out of Order (2)
Cooper, Giles Radio Plays The Object
Penguin Plays 7 Everything in the Garden (2)
Copenhagen Michael Frayn
Corn is Green, The Emlyn Williams
Counsellor-at-Law Famous Plays of 32 – 33 Elmer Rice
Coward, Noel Blithe Spirit (3)
Present Laughter (3)
I’ll Leave it to You
This Happy Breed
Waiting in the Wings (2)
Relative Values
Plays 1 ( Hay fever
(The Vortex
(Fallen Angels
( Easy Virtue
Great Modern Plays The Young Idea
Plays of the 30s Vol 2+ Private Lives (2)
Collected Sketches and Lyrics
Play Parade 1 ( Cavalcade
( Bitter Sweet
( The vortex
( Hay Fever
( Private Lives
( Design for Living
Play Parade 2 ( This Year of Grace
( Words and Music
( Operetta
( Conversation Piece
( Easy Virtue
( Fallen Angels
Play Parade 3 ( The Queen was in the Parlour
( “I’ll Leave it to You”
( The Young Idea
( Sirocco
( The Rat Trap
(“This was a Man”
( Home chat
(The Marquise
Play Parade 4 ( Three Volumes of tonight at *.30
( Present Laughter
( This Happy Breed
Play Parade 5 ( Pacific 1860
( “Peace in Our Time”
( Relative Values
( Quadrille
( Blithe Spirit
Cox, Constance Lord Arthur Saville’s Crime (3)
Cox, Louis Best USA Billy Budd
Craig’s wife 25 USA George kelly
Crane, Richard Gunslinger
Cresta Run N F Simpson
Crimes of the Heart Beth Henley
Crocker, John Cinderella*
Crown Matrimonial Royce Ryton
Crucible, The Arthur Miller
Cruise Missile (1a) Deckchairs 3 Jean McConnell
Cruden, Thomas The doll and the Marquise (1a)
Cupboard Love (1a) Deckchairs 3 Jean McConnell
Cumberland, Richard Beggar’s Opera The West Indian
Cure for Love Walter Greenwood
Curious Savage, The John Patrick
Curtmantle Christopher Fry
D’Abbies, Ingrham Murder in Motley
Damaged Goods 3 Brieux Plays Brieux
Dancers (1a) Deckchairs 1 Jean McConnell
Dancing at Lughnasa Brian Friel
Dane, Clemence Years Between Will Shakespeare – An Invitation
Dangerous Corner J B Priestly
Daniel and Bel (1a) first Windmill Book of 1 Act Plays John Bradwell
Danvers-Walker, Aubrey Heaven and Charing Cross
Darkness at Noon Best USA Sidney Kingsley
Dark of the Moon Plays of the Year 1949 Howard Richardson
Darling Mr London Anthony Marriott and Bob Grant
David Garrick T W robinson
Daviot, Gordon Plays of 1930s Vol 1 Richard of Bordeaux
Famous Plays of 1933      “     “      “
Famous Plays Of 1934 Queen of Scots
Davey Jones;s Dinner (1a) T C Thomas
Daly, Wally K Follow the Star*
Day Trippers (1a) Deckchairs 2 Jean McConnell
Dead End 20 Best USA Sidney Kingsley
Dean, Hamilton Dracular
Dear Brutus (2) J M Barrie
Dear Charles (2) Alan Melville
Dear Octopus Plays of 30s Vol 1 Dodie Smith
Death and the Maiden Ariel Dorfman
Death of a Salesman Best USA Arthur Miller
Decline and Fall (1a) Sam Bate
Deep Blue Sea, The (6) Terence Rattigan
Diedre of the Sorrows 25 best USA Eugene O’Neil
Delicate Balance, A Edward Albee
Departure (1a) Stephen Smith
Design for Living Vol 1 Noel coward
Desire Under the Elms 25 Best USA Eugene O’Neil
Detective Story Best USA Sidney Kingsley
Devils, The Penguin Plays 6 John Whiting
Devil’s Deciple, the G B Shaw
Diana Dobson’s Years Between Cicely Hamilton
Dick Whittington (2) John Morley
Disappearance of Kate, The Don Cherrett
Deighton, John The Happiest Days of Your Life
Dinner at Eight George Kaufman & Edna Ferber
Dinner, William Plays of 1949 The Late Edwina Black
Dix, D M 9 Modern Plays Alison’s Lad (1a)
Dock Brief (2) John Mortimer
Doctor in Spite of Himself, A Moliere
Doctor’s Dilemma, The Photocopies 5 G B Shaw
Doggies (1a) Deckchairs 1 Jean McConnell
Dole, John Cat on the Fiddle
Doll and the Marquise, The (1a) Thomas Cruden
Dolls House, The (2) Henrik Ibsen
Don’t Listen Ladies Plays of the Year 1948- 49 Sacha Guitry
Dorfman Ariel Death and the Maiden
Doyle, Monte Signpost to Murder
Dracular Hamilton Dean and John Balderton
Drinkwater, John Plays of Today 1925 Abraham Lincoln
Plays of Today 1 A Night of the Trojan War
Drowning on Dry land (4) Alan Ayckbourn
Druids Rest ,The Emlyn Williams
Duke, Ashely Great Modern Plays The Man with a Load of Mischief
Famous Plays of Today Such Men are Dangerous
Duck Variations, The David Marmet
Dunning, George 25 USA Broadway
Du Maurier, Daphne Years Between The Years Between
Dunsany, Lord Plays of Today 1925 A Night at an Inn
Durbridge, Frances Suddenly at Home (2)
Sweet Revenge
House Guest
Dwarfs, The Harold Pinter
Dyer, Charles Rattle of a simple Man
Each His Own Witness Penguin Plays 1 Doris Lessing
Early Blight (1a) Deckchairs 1 Jean mcConnell
Easy Virtue Plays 1 Noel Coward
Vol 2   “      “
Educating Rita (2) Willy Russell
Elephant Man, The Bernard Pomeranc
Elmslie, Kenward The Grass Harp*
Elsie and Norm’s Macbeth John Christopher -Wood
Embers Samuel Beckett
Emma (Jane Austin) Gordon Glennon
Emmanual James Forsyth
Enchanted Christmas Tree (1a) First Windmill Book of ! Act Plays Percival Wilde
End of Summer 20 Best USA S N Behrman
Enjoy Alan Bennett
Entertainer,The John Osborne
Entertaining Mr Sloan Jo Orton
Epitaph for George Dillon Penguin Plays 2 John Osborne
Everything in the Garden (2) Penguin Plays 7 Giles Cooper
Fallen Angels Plays 1 Noel Coward
Vol 2   “      “
Fall of the City 20 Best USA Archibald Macleish
Family Affairs Famous Plays of 1934 Gertrude Jennings
Family Portrait Plays of the Year 1948 – 49 Leonore Coffee
Farewell, Farewell, Eugene John Vari
Farmer’s Wife Eden Philpots
Fat Lady Sings in Little Grimley, The David Tristram
Ferndale Av Housing Estate Townswomen’s Guild Drama Soc. Pro. of Christmas Carol David McGillivray and Walter Zerlin
Farel MJ Treasure Hunt
Faber, Edna 20 Best USA Stage door
Feelgood Alistair Beaton
Feydeau, Georges Hotel Paradiso
The Lady from Maxim’s
Fifteen Minute Hamlet, The (1a) Tom Stoppard
Fighting Cock, The Jean Anouilh
Fielding, Henry Beggar’s Opera Tragedy of Tragedies
Fierstein, Harvey Torch Song Trilogy
Filippo, Eduardo de Saturday, Sunday, Monday (2)
Finn, William Born Yesterday
March of the Falsettos*
First Gentleman, The Norman Ginsbury
Five Finger Exercise (2) New English 4 Peter Shaffer
Flare Path Pan Terrence Rattigan
Flashing Stream, The Charles Morgan
Followers (1a) Plays of Today 1 Harold Brighouse
Follow the Star* Wally K Daly
Fools Paradise Peter Coke
Fools Rush In Kenneth Horne
Form, The N F Simpson
Forster, E M A Passage to India
Forsyth,James Emmanuel
Forty Years On Alan Bennett
Frayne, Michael Alphabetical Order (4)
Noises Off
French Without Tears (3) Plays 1 +
Friel, Brian Dancing at Lughnasa
Frisby, Terence There’s a Girl in my Soup
Front Page, The Ben Hecht & Charles MacArthur
25 USA “         “           “           “
Frost, Rex Small Hotel
Fry, Christopher His Selected Plays ( The Lady is not for Burning
( A Phoenix Too Frequent (2)
( The Boy with a Cart
( A sleep of Prisoners
( Curtmantle
The Boy with a Cart
Funny Thing hap’d on the way to Forum (2) Burt Shevlove & Stephen Sondheim
Furguson J A Plays of today 1925 Campbell of Kilmore
Galsworthy, John Great Modern Plays Strife
9 Modern Plays The Little Man
Garden Pests Deckchairs 4 Jean McConnell
Gay, John Beggar’s Opera Beggar’s Opera
Gentle Arm, The John Aldridge
Getting On Alan Bennett
Gibson, William The Miracle Worker
Gilbert, Bernard The Old Bull (1a)
Gilbert W S Great Modern Plays Pygmalion and Galatea
Original Plays of W S G. 1st Series (      “        “       “
( The wicked world
( Charity
( The palace of Truth
( The Princess
( Trial By Jury
( Iolanthe
— 3rd Series ( Comedy and Tragedy
( Foggerty’s Fairy
( Rosencranz and Guildenstern
( Patience
( Princess Ida
( The Mikado
( Ruddigore
( The Yeoman of the Guard
( The Gondoliers
( The Mountebanks
( Utopia Unlimited
Ghosts (4) Henrik Ibsen
Ghost Train, The (2) Arnold Ridley
Ginsbury, Norman The First Gentleman
Glaser, Elinor D First Windmill Book of ! Act Plays Call the Silkie Home (1a)
Glass Menagerie, The (2) Tennessee williams
Godber, John Collection (Bouncers
__ —- (Happy Jack
(September in the Rain
(Up N’ Under
Goetz,Ruth and Augustus The Heiress
Golden Boy 20 Best USA Clifford Odets
Goldman, James The Lion in Winter (2)
Glaspell, Susan 25 USA Trifles (1a)
Goldilocks and the Three Bars Margaret Carter
Goldsmith, Oliver She Stoops to Conquer
Gods of Lightening 25 USA Maxwell Anderson
Gogol, Nikolai The government Inspector
Goldoni Penguin Classics (The Venetian twins
(The Artful Widow
(The Superior Residence
Good Doctor, The Neil Simon
Good Person of Szechwan, The Bertolt Brecht
Gondoliers,The Original Plays of WSG 3 W S Gilbert
Government Inspector, The Nikolai Gogol
Gow, Ronald Plays of the 30s Vol 1 Love on the Dole
Plays of the Year 1940 Ann Veronica
Grand Cham’s Diamond, the (1a) Plays of Today 1 Alan Morehouse
Grand National Night Dorothy Campbell
Grannies Deckchairs 4 Jean McConnell
Granville-Baker, H Plays of today 1925 The Voysey Inheritance
Grass Harp, The* Kenward Elmslie
Gray, Simon Butley
Great Day Lesley Storm
Green Bay Tree, The Gay Plays Mordaunt Shairp
Green Pastures 20 Best USA Marc Conelly
Green, Paul 20 Best USA Johnny Johnson
25 USA White Dresses
Greenwood, Duncan Surprise Package
Gregory, Lady Genius of the Irish Theater The Caravans
Grenfell, Joyce Stately as a Galleon
Grandy, Sidney 19th C A pair of Spectacles
Guare, John Six Degrees of Separation
Guilt Card, The (1a) Deckchairs 2 Jean McConnell
Guitry, Sasha Plays of the Year 1948 – 49 Don’t Listen Ladies
Guthrie, Tyrone Plays of the year 1949 – 50 Top of the Ladder
Gunslinger Richard Crane
Habeas Corpus (7) Alan Bennett
Hairy Ape, The 25 USA Eugene O’Neil
Hamilton, Cicely Years Between Diana of Dobson’s
Hamlet Shakespeare
Hamlet of Stepney Green, The Penguin Plays 1 Bernard Kops
Hammerstein, Oscar The New Moon*
Hampton, Christopher The Philanthropist
Les Liaisons Dangereures
Hanff, Helene 84 Charing Cross Road
Hankin, St John Great Modern Plays The Return of the Prodigal
Happy Birthday Marc Canoletti
Happiest Days of Your Life, The (2) Plays of the Year 1948 – 49 John Deighton
Happy Heaven, The (2) New English 2 John Arden
Happy Jack collection John Godber
Harlequinade (3) Plan Plays 1 Terence Rattigan
Harris Richard Outside Edge (5)
Hart, Elizabeth Where Angels Fear to Tread
Hart, Moss The Man Who Came to Dinner
Once in a Lifetime
Harwood, H M Penguin Plays 34 Old folks at Home
Hastings, Charlott Plays of the Year 1949 – 50 Bonadventure
Hastings, Hugh Plays of the year 1950 Seagulls Over Sorrento
Hastings, Michael New English 4 Yes and After
Hay Fever Plays 1 Noel Coward
Vol 1  “        “
Hay, Ian Off the Record
Haywood, Dorothy 25 USA Porgy
Hazelwood C H Lady Audly’s Secret
Heartbreak House Bernard Shaw
Heaven and Charing Cross Aubrey Danvers-Walker
Heaven on Earth (1a) ?
Hecht, Ben Front Page
25 USA   “     “
Heda Gabler (3) Henrik Ibsen
Heiress, The Ruth and Augustus Goetz
Helby, Arnold Camel’s Back
Hellman, Lillian Best USA The Autumn Garden
20 Best USA Children’s Hour
Henley, Beth Crimes of the Heart
Herbert, F Hugh Best USA The Moon is Blue
High Tor 20 Best USA Maxwell Anderson
Hindle Wakes Plays of today 1925 Stanley Houghton
His Excellency Plays of the Year 1950 Dorothy & Campbell Christie
Hitcock Blandie Terry Johnson
Hobson’s Choice Great Modern Plays Harold Brighouse
Hoffe, Monkton Famous Plays of Today Many Waters
Holiday Snap Michael Pertwee & John chapman
Holiday Song T V Plays Paddy Chayefsky
Holloway, Johnathan The Railway Siding (1a)
Holly and the Ivy, The Plays of the Year 1949 – 50 Weynard brown
Holliday, Graham The Scottish Play
Holmes, Rupert Accomplice
Holy Night Gregoria Martinez Sierra
Home at Seven R C Shereff
Home Chat Vol 3 Noel Coward
Home, William Douglas Lloyd George Knew my Father (4)
Plays of the Year 1950 The Thistle and the Rose
Now Barabas
Horne, Kenneth Wolf’s Clothing
Fools Rush In
Hostage,The Brenden Behan
Hostile Witness Jack Coffee
Hotel Paradiso Georges Feydeau
Houghton, Stanley Plays of today 1925 Hindle Wakes
Hound of the Baskarvilles, the Tim Kelly
Housse Guest Francis Durbridge
House of Mirth, The Dawn Keeler
House on the Cliff, The George Batson
Howard, Stanley Famous Plays of 1933 Alien Corn
25 USA They Knew What They Wanted
How the Other Half Loves Alan Ayckbourn
Hundred and One Dalmatians Dodie Smith
Hundred Years Old, A Sarafin & Joaquin Quintero
Hunter, N C Waters of the Moon
I am a Camera John Van Druten
Ibsen, Henrik Penguin Classics ( Heder Gabler
—- ( Pillars of the Community
( The Wild Duck (2)
Plays 2 [A Doll’s House (2)
[An Enemy of the People
[Hedda Gabler(3)
Ghosts (4)
Master Builder
Plays 3 ( Rosmersholm
( The Lady From the Sea
( Little Eylof
Iceman Cometh, The Best USA Eugene O’Neil
Ideal Husband, An Oscar Wilde
Idiot’s Delight 20 Best USA Robert E Sherwood
I Have Been here Before (2) J B Priestley
Ile (1a) 25 USA Eugene O’Neil
I’ll Get My Man Philip King
I’ll Leave it to You Vol 3 Noel Coward
I’m Talking About Jerusalem Arnold Wesker
Importance of Being Ernest, The (3) Oscar Wilde
Inge, William Best USA Come Back Little Sheba
In Good King Charles’ Golden Days G B shaw
Inherit the Wind (2) Jerome Lawrence &Robert E Lee
Instruments of Darkness (1a) First Windmill Book of 1 Act Plays Margaret Wood
Intimate Exchange Vol 1 (8 scripts) Alan Ayckbourn
Iolanthe Original Plays of WSG 1 W S Gilbert
Ionesco, Eugene The Chairs
Collection ( The chairs
( The Lesson
( Jacques
( The Bald Prima Donna
I Remember Mama John VAn Druten
Irresistible Albert (1a) John Turpin
In Camera 3 European Plays Jean-Paul Sartre
In the Train Genius of the Irish Theatre Frank O’Connor
Inspector Calls, An J B Priestley
It Could be Any One of Us Alan Ayckbourn
Ivanov Chekhov
Jane Clegg Plays of today 1925 St John Irvine
Jane Shaw Beggar’s Opera Nicholas Rowe
Jacques Collected Eugene O’Neil
Jean, Angela Ainlsey Listen in the Wind*
Jeans, Ronald Plays of the year 1949-50 Young Wives Tale
Jeffers, Robinson Best USA Media
Jeffrey Bernard is Unwell Keith Waterhouse
Jennings, Gertrude Famous plays of 1934 Family Affairs
Jerold, Douglas 19th C Black Eye’d Susan
Jo Turner Has Come and Gone Angus Wilson
John Bull’s Other Land Genius of the Irish Theatre G B Shaw
Johnson, Terry Hitchcock Blondie
Jones, Gwenyth The Ass and The Philosopher
Jones, Henry Arthur Great Modern Plays The Liars
Johnny Johnson 20 Best USA Paul Green
Journey’s End (2) R C Sheriff
Famous PLays of today   “    “
Joseph Andrews P M Clepper
Juno and the Paycock (2) Sean O’Casey
Kanin, Garson Born Yesterday
Kaufman, George Dinner at Eight
Famous Plays of the Year 1933 Of Thee I Sing
25 USA Beggar on Horseback
20 Best USA You Can’t Take it with You
The Torch-Bearers
Keeler, Dawn The House of Mirth
Kelly, George 25 USA ( Craig’s wife
( Poor Aubrey (1a)
Kelly, Tim The Hound of the Baskervilles
Kesselring, Joseph Arsenic and Old Lace (3)
Kennedy, Margaret Years Between The Constant Nymph
Killing of Sister George, The Frank Marcus
King and I, The* Rogers & Hammerstein
Kingsley, Sidney Famous Plays Of 1934 Men in White
Best USA ( Detective Story
( Darkness at Noon
20 Best USA Dead End
King, Philip On Monday Next (3)
So Far…Nor Further
I’ll Get my Man
Sailor Beware
See How They Run
King of Friday’s  Men Plays of the Year 1940 Michael Maloy
Kings Rhapsody* Ivor Novello
King, Robert Red Spy at Night (1a)
Kirkland, Jack 20 Best USA Tobacco Road
Kitchen, The Famous Plays 2 Arnold Wesker
Kneal, Nigel Quartermass 2
Quartermass and the Pit
The Quartermass Experiment
Knott, Frederick Wait Until Dark (2)
Kops, Bernard Penguin Plays 1 The Hamlet of Stepney Green
Krapp’s Last Tape Samuel Beckett
Ladies in Waiting Cyril Campion
Lady Audly’s Secret C H Hazelwood
Lady from the Sea, The Henrik Ibsen
Lady from Maxim’s,The Georges Feydeau
Lady Killers, The Graham Linehan
Lady’s not for Burning Christopher Fry
Lady with the Lamp Famous Plays of Today Reginald Berkeley
Last Bread Pudding, The (1a) Nick Warburton
La La Noo Genius of the Irish Theatre Jack B Yates
Last Panto in Little Grimley David Tristram
Last Post (1a) Deckchairs 3 Jean McConnell
Last Tango in Little Grimley David tristram
Late Christopher Bean, The (2) Famous plays of 1933 + Emlyn williams
Late Edwina Black Plays of the year 1949 William Dinner
Late Frost (1a) Deckchairs 1 Jean McConnell
Laurance, Charles My Fat Friend (2)
Lawler, Ray Summer of the Seventeenth Doll
Lawrance, Jerome Inherit the Wind
Legat, Michael The Retiring Highwayman (1a)
The Prison Within (1a)
The Pure in Heart (1a)
Rehearsals (1a)
Two’s a Crowd (1a)
Lehman, Ernest Film Script North by Northwest
Lessing, Doris Plays of the 60s Play with a tiger
Penguin Plays 1 Each His Own Wilderness
Les Liaisons Dangereures Christopher Hampton
Lessons, The collected Eugene O’Neil
Lettice and Lovage Peter Shaffer
Levy, Ben Famous play of Today Mrs Moonlight
Rape of the Belt
Lewis C S The Lion and the Wardrobe
Liars, The Great Modern Plays Henry Arthur Jones
Likes of Her, The Great Modern Plays Charles McEvoy
Lillington, Kenneth first Windmill Book of 1 Act Plays Blue Murder (1a)
Linden Tree, The J B Priestley
Lindsey, Howard Best USA State of the Union
Linehan,Graham The Lady Killers
Linklater, Eric The Mortimer Touch
Lion in Winter,The James Goldman
Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, The (2) C S Lewis
Lilo, George Beggar’s Opera The London Merchant
Little Eylof Henrik Ibsen
Little Man, The (1a) 9 Modern Plays John Galsworthy
Livinge, Henry Penguin Plays 6 Nil Carborundum
Penguin Plays 5 Stop It Whatever You Are
Live Like Pigs Plays 1 John Arden
Lloyd George Knew My Father (4) William Douglas-Home
Lloyd, Richard Three Musketeers- le Panteau. The
Lock up Your Daughters* Bernard MIles
Loesser, Frank Where’s charley? *
The Most Happy Fella*
London Merchant, The Beggar’s Opera George Lilo
Long Distance Piano Player, The Radio Plays Alan Sharp
Long Echo, The Lesley Storm
Look Back in Anger John Osborne
  “       “        “ York Notes —-
Lord Arthur Saville’s Crime (23) Constant Cox
Love in Idleness Terence Rattigan
Lover, The Harold PInter
Love from a Stranger Frank Vosper
Love From Judy* Eric Maschwitz & Walter Greenwood
Love on the Dole Plays of the 30s vol 1 Ronald Gow & Walter Greenwood
Luke, Peter Play of Hadrian VII
Lunch Hour John Mortimer
Luther John Osborne
Macalpine Tom Jones
Macbeth Shakespeare
McConnell, Jean Deckchairs 1 Shoppers (1a)
Early Birds (1a)
Dancers (1a)
Late Frost (1a)
Doggies (1a)
Deckchairs 2 Day Trippers (1a)
The Guilt Card (1a)
Theatrical Digs (1a)
Short changed (1a)
Deckchairs 3 Cupboard Love (1a)
Last Post (1a)
CRuise Missile (1a)
Deckchairs 4 Garden Pests (1a)
Grannies (1a)
Outdoor Pleasures (1a)
Remember Me (1a)
McCracken, Esther Quiet Wedding
Quiet Weekend
Machinal 25 USA Sophie Treadwell
Mackenzie, Ronald Famous Plays Of 1934 The Maitlands
Macelwraith. Bill The Anniversary
Mcgilvery, Ferndale housing Est’s Christmas  Carol
McMlenaghan. Tom Gay Plays Submarine
McCullers, Carson Best USA The Members of the Wedding
McDougal, Roger Plays of the year 1960 To Dorothy a Son
Macevoy, Charles Great Modern Plays The Likes of Her
Macleish, Archibald 20 Best USA The Fall of the City
McKinnel, Norman 9 Modern Plays The Bishops Candlesticks (1a)
Maitlands, The Famous Plays of the Year 34 Ronald Mackenzie
Makebelieve A A Milne
Maker of Dreams, The (1a) Plays of today 1925 Dawn Oliphant
Manet, David ( Sexual Perversity in Chigargo
( The duck Variations
Man Born to be King Dorothy Sayers
Man of the Moment Alan Ayckbourn
Mander, Charles Shop for Charity (1a)
Man For all Seasons Penguin Plays 6 Robert Bolt
Man Who Came to Dinner,The Moss Hart & James Kaufman
Man with a Load of Mischief, The Great Modern Plays Ashley Duke
Many Waters Famous Plays of Today Monkton Hoff
Marching Song Penguin Plays 5 John Whiting
March of the Falsettos* William Finn
Marcus, Frank Killing of Sister George
Marriott, Anthony Darling Mr London
Marty TV Plays Paddy Chayefsky
Marquise, The Vol 3 Noel Coward
Maschwitz, Eric ___ Love From Judy*
Masks and Faces Tom Taylor & Charles Reade
Matchmaker, The Thornton Wilder
Maternity 3 Brieux Plays Brieux
Matthews Seymour Anagram for Murder
Maugham, Somerset Great Modern Plays The Circle (2)
The Breadwinner
The Constant Wife (2)
Me and Juliet* Rogers & Hammerstein
Media Best USA Robinson Jeffers
Men in White Famous Play of 1934 Sidney Kingsley
Melfi, Leonard Porno Stars at Home
Melville, Alan Dear Charles (2)
Plays of the year 1949- 50 Castles in the Air
Merry Wives of Windsor Shakespeare
Mikado, The Original Plays of WSG 3rd W S Gilbert
Miles, Bernard Lock up Your Daughters*
Milestones Great Modern British Plays Arnold Bennett
Miracle at Verdun Famous Plays of the Year 1933 -34 Hans Schlumberg
Millay, Edna 25 USA Aria de Capo
Miller, Arthur The Crucible
Best USA Death of a Salesman
Penguin Plays ( Death of a Salesman
( All My Sons
Penguin Classics [A View from the Bridge
[All My Sons
Milne A A Plays 1 ( Make Believe
( Mr Pimm Passes By
( The Camberley Triangle
( The Romantic Age
( The Stepmother
Toad of Toad Hall
Plays of Today 1925 The Boy Comes Home
Minnie Field (1a) 25 USA E P Cankle
Miracle Worker, The (2) William Gibson
Mirandolina c Goldini
Misanthrope, The Moliere
MIster Roberts Best USA Thomas Heggon
Moby Dick – Rehearsal Orson Wells
Moliere Penguin Classics ( The Misanthrope
( The Cicillian or Love the Painter
( Tatuffe or The Impostor
( A Doctor in Spite of Himself
Plays of the Year 1948- 49 The Miser
Adapted by Miles mallison “         “           “           “
Plays of the Year 1949 – 50 Tartuffe
Maloy, Michael Plays of the Year 1949 The King of Friday’s Man
Money Edward Bulwer-Lytton
Morgan, Charles The Fishing Stream
Morley, John Dick Whittington (2)
The Wind in the Willows
Morning Departure Kenneth Woolard
Morris, Colin Reluctant Heroes
Mortimer, John Dock Brief (3)
What Shall We Tell Caroline (3)
A Voyage Round My Father
Lunch Hour and Others ( Lunch Hour
( Collect Your Hand Luggage
Mother, The TV Plays Paddy Chayefsky
Mortimer Touch, The Eric Linklater
Most Happy Fella* Frank Loesser
Mountebanks, The Original Plays of WSG 3 EW S Gilbert
Mr Pimm Passes By A A Milne
Mrs Moonlight Famous Plays of today Ben W Levy
Much Ado About Nothing (2) Shakespeare
Munro, K C Great Modern Plays At Mrs Bearn’s
Murder at the Vicarage Moie charles & Barbara Toy
My Fat Friend (2) Charles Laurence
My Sister in the House Wendy Kesselman
Mystery at Greeenfingers J B Priestley
Nash, N Richard The Rainmaker (3)
National Health Peter Nichols
Naughton, Bill Spring and Port Wine
Now Moon, The* Oscar Hammerstein
 “      “        “ Music Score Sigmund Romberg
New Morality, The Great Modern Plays Harold Chapin
Nichols, Peter Chez Nous
National Health
Nicholson, William Shadowlands
Night at an Inn, A (1a) Plays of today 1925 Lord Dunsany
Nightmare Norman Robbins
Night Mother Marsha Norman
Night of the Trojan War(1a) Plays of Today 1 John Drinkwater
Night Out, A Harold Pinter
Nil Carborundum Penguin Plays 6 Henry Livings
Nimoy, Leonard Vincent
Noises Off Michael Frayn
No Quarter Radio Plays Harry Bermage
Norfolk, William Caramba’s Revenge
Norman, Masha Night Mother
North by Northwest Film Script Ernest Lehman
Norris, Pat Virtue in Danger or Her Honour in Peril
Not Now Darling (2) Ray Coony & John Chapman
Novello, Ivor King’s Rhapsody
Now Barabas William Douglas-Home
Nunsense* (2) Dan Coggin
Object, The Radio Plays Giles Cooper
O’Connor, Frank Genius of the Irish Theatre In the Train
O’Casey,Sean Pan ( Juno and the Paycock
( The Shadow of a Gunman
( The Plough and the Stars
Genius of the Irish Theatre Purple Dust
Odd Couple The 2) Neil Simon
Odets , Clifford 20 best USA Golden Boy
Off the Record Ian Hay
Of Mice and Men 20 Best USA John Steinbeck
Of Thee I Sing Famous plays of 33 G F Kaufman & Morris Ryskind
Oklahoma* Rogers & Hammerstein
Old Bull, The (1a) 9 Modern Plays Bernard Gilbert
Old Country, The (2) Alan Bennett
Old Couple, The Neil Simon
Old Folks at Home Famous Plays Of 1934 H M Harwood
Old-World ( a play in two parts Aleksei Arbuzov
Oleana David Mamet
Oliphant, Dawn Plays of Today 1925 The Maker of Dreams(1a)
Once in a Lifetime Moss Hart & George E Kaufman
O’Neil, Eugene 25 USA ( The Hairy Ape
( Desire Under the Elms
( Ile (1a)
Best USA The Iceman Cometh
One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest Dale Wasserman
One Way Pendulum N F Simpson
On Golden Pond (2) Ernest Thompson
On Monday Next (3) Philip King
Operetta Vol 2 Noel Coward
Orton, Joe Entertaining Mr sloan
Osborne, John The Entertainer
The Picture of Dorian Gray
Look Back in Anger
Penguin Plays 2 Epitaph for George Dillon
Othello Shakespeare
Our Country’s Good Timberlake Werterbaker
Our Town Thornton Wilder
Outdoor Pleasures (1a) Deckchairs 4 Jean McConnell
Out of Order (2) Ray Coony
Outside Edge (5) Richard Harris
Outward Bound Great Modern Plays Sutton Vane
Owen, Alan Penguin Plays 5 Progress in the Park
Owen Wingrave* Myfamwy Piper
Owl and the Pussycat, The Bill Manhoff
Pacific 18 Vol 5 Noel Coward
Pack of Lies Hugh Witmore
Pair of Spectacles, A 19th C Sidney Grundy
Pajama Game, The * George Abbot & Richard Bissel
Palace of Truth, The Original Works of WSG W S Gilbert
Pal Joey* Richard Rogers
Paragon, The Play of the Year 1948 – 49 Roland Pertwee
Paris Bound 25 USA Philip Barry
Parker, Stuart Spokesong*
Party, The Plays of the Year 1958 John Arden
Passage to India E M Forster
  “       “        “ York Notes
Passing By Gay Plays Martin Sherman
Patrick, John Tea House of the August Moon, The
The Curious Savage
Patience The Original Plays of WSG 3 W S Gilbert
“Peace in Our time” Vol 5 Noel Coward
Pertwee, Michael Holiday Snap
Pertwee, Roland Pink String and Sealing Wax
Rookery Nook
Plays of 1948- 49 The Paragon
Peter Pan (3) J M Barrie
Peter Pan John Caird & Trevor Nunn
Petition, The Brian Clark
Philpotts, EDen The Farmer’s Wife
Philanthropist, The Christopher Hampton
Philosopher of Butterbiggen, The (1a) ( Modern Plays Harold Chapin
Phoenix Too Frequent. A (2) Christopher Fry
Picture of Dorian Gray, The John Osborne
Pielman, John Agnes of God
Pillars of Wisdom Henrik Ibsen
Pinero, Arthur W The Amazons
Great Modern Plays Trelawny of the Wells (2)
( A slight Ache
( A Night Out
( The Dwarfs
Piper, Myfanwy Owen Wyngrave*
Plater, Alan Close the Coalhouse Door
Plough and the Stars, The Sean O’Casey
Play of Hadrian VII Peter Luke
Play With a Tiger Plays of the 1960s Doris Lessing
Poetester of Isphan, The (1a) 9 Modern Plays Clifford Bax
Present Laughter (3) Noel Coward
   “           “ Vol 4  “        “
Price of Coal, The (1a) 9 Modern Plays Harold Brighouse
Priestley J B They Came to a City
When We Were Married
Pan ( Time and The Conways
( I Have Been Here Before
( An Inspector Calls (2)
( The Linden Tree
Pan [ Dangerous corner
[ Time and the conways
[ I Have Been Here before
Prime of Miss Jean Brodie Muriel spark
Printer’s Measure T V Plays Paddy Chayefsky
Prison Within,The (1a) Michael Legat
Private Lives Plays of The 30s Vol 2 + Noel Coward
   “           “ Vol 1      “     “
Progress to the Park Penguin Plays 5 Alun Owen
Pomerance, Bernard Elephant Man
Punch and Judy Script The Model Theatre A Ballen
Poor Aubrey (1a) 25 USA George Kelly
Porgy 25 USA Dorothy Haywood
Porno Stars at Home Leonard Melfi
Post Mortem Vol 1 Noel Coward
Potter Denis Brimstone and Treacle
Princess, The Original Plays of WSG 1 W S Gilbert
Princess Ida Original Plays o WSG 3 W S Gilbert
Proposal, The Penguin Classics Anton Chekhov
Piullin’ the Wool Frank Vickery
Pure in heart, The (1a)
Purple Dust Genius of the Irish Theatre Sean O’Casey
Pygmalion (6) G B Shaw
Pygmalion and Galatea Great Modern Plays W S gilbert
Death of a Salesman
Quadrille Vol 5 Noel Coward
Quality Street J M Barrie
Queen and the Rebels, The 3 European Plays Ugo Betti
Queen and the Welshman, The Plays of the Year 1958 Rosemary Ann Sissions
Queen Of Scots FAmous Plays of 1934 Gordon Daviot
Queen was in the Parlour, The Vol 3 Noel Coward
Quiet Weekend, Esther McCracken
Quintero, Serafin The Women Have Their Way
A Hundred Years Old
Quartemass (2) TV Plays Nigel Kneil
Quartermass and the Pit T V Plays Nigel Kneil
Quatermass EXperiment TV Plays Nigel Kneil
Railway Siding, The (1a0 Jonathan Holloway
Rainmaker, The (3) G B shaw
Rape of the Belt Ben W Levy
Rattigan, Terence Pan Flare Path
Plays 1 ( French Without Tears—
( The Winslow Boy (4)
( The Browning Version
( Harlequinade
French’s The Deep Blue Sea (4)
Pan ( The Deep Blue Sea
( Adventure Story
( The Browning Version
( Harlequinade
Plays of the 30s French Without Tears
The Sleeping Prince
Separate Tables
Pan ( The Winslow Boy
( French Without Tears
( Fare Path
Adventure Story
The Winslow Boy
While the Sun Shines
Love in Idleness
Ross (2)
Rattle of a Simple Man Charles Dyer
Rat Trap Vol 3 Noel Coward
Redgrave, Michael First Windmill Book of 1Act Plays the Seventh Man (1a)
Red spy at Night (1a) Robert King
Reed, Mark 20 USA Yes My Darling Daughter
Rehearsal (1a) Michael Legat
Rehearsal, The (1a) 9 Modern Plays Maurice Baring
Remember Me Deckchairs 4 Jean McConnell
Resounding Tinkle, The Penguin Plays 2 N F Simpson
Relatively Speaking (2) Alan Ayckbourn
Relative Values Noel Coward
  “           “ Vol 5   “      “
Reluctant Heroes Colin Morris
Respectable Funeral, A (1a) Jimmy Chin
Retiring Highwayman Michael Legat
Return of the Prodigal, The Great Modern Plays St John Hankin
Rice, Elmer Famous Plays of the Year 1932-33 Counsellor at Law
25 USA Street Scene
Richard of Bordeaux (2) Plays of the 30s Vol 1 Gordon Daviot
   “           “ Famous plays of 33   “      “
Richardson, Howard Plays of the Year 1940 Dark of the Moon
Riders to the Sea (1a) 9 Modern Plays J M Synge
Ridley, Arnold The Ghost Train (2)
Ring Round The Moon 3 European Plays Jean Anouilh
Rivals, The Sheridan
Robins, Norman Nightmare
A tomb with a View
Robertson, T W David Garrick
Rogers and Hammerstein State Fair*
The King and I*
Six Plays ( Oklahoma*
( Carousel
( Allegro*
( South Pacific*
( The King and I*
( Me and Juliet*
Road to Roam 25 USA Robert Sherwood
Rogers, Richard Pal Joey*
Roffy, Jack Hostile Witness
Romantic Age A A Milne
Romantic Comedy Bernard Slade
Roots Arnold Wesker
Rookery Nook Ben Travers
Rosencranz & Guildestern are Dead Tom Stoppard
Rosmersholm Henrik Ibsen
Ross Terence Rattigan
  “ Plays of the 60s     “         “
Ross, George Plays of the year 58 Any Other Business
Roser, Austin Sweeny Todd
Royal Hunt of the Sun, The Peter Shaffer
“           “               “ Plays of the 60s   “         “
Ruddigore Original Plays of WSG 3 W S Gilbert
Rudkin, David Penguin Plays 7 Afore Night Came
Rusesell, Bill Side Show
Russell, Willy Educating Rita (2)
Rowe, Nicholas Beggar’s Opera Jane Shore
Ryan, Royce Crown Matrimonial
Sailor Beware Philip King & Falkland Carey
Saint Joan (2) G B Shaw
St John Irvine Plays of Today 1925 Jane Clegg
Salome Oscar Wilde
Same Time Another Year Bernard Slade
Sandford, Jeremy Radio Plays The Whelks and the Chromium
Sands, Lesley Checkmate
Sartre, Jean-Paul 3 European Plays In Camera
Saturday’s Children 25 USA Maxwell Anderson
Saturday, Sunday, Monday Eduardo Filippo (2)
Sawyer, Amy Sussex Village Plays 24 One Act Plays
Say Who You Are Keith Waterhouse & William Hall
Sayers, Dorothy The Man Borne to be King
The Zeal of the House
Scottish Play, The Graham Holliday
Seagull, The Anton Chekhov
Seagulls Over Sorrento Plays of the Year 1950 Hugh Hastings
Searching for Doctor Branovic David tristram
Season’s Greetings (5) Alan Ayckbourn
Second Man 25 USA S N Berhman
See How They Run Philip King
Separate Tables Terence Rattigan
September in the Rain collection John Godber
Sevelov, Bert A funny Thing Happened on the way to Forum
Seventh Man, The (1a) First Windmill Collection of 1Act Plays Michael Redgrave
Sexual Perversity in Chicago David Mamet
Shadowlands William Nicholson
Shadow of a Gunman, The Sean O’Casey
Peter Shafer Black Comedy
New English Five finger Exercise
The Royal Hunt of the Sun
Letice and Lovage
Shakespeare Separate Scripts Othello
Apart from collected works The Merry Wives of Windsor
Richard III
Twelfth Night
Macbeth (2)
Much Ado About Nothing
As You Like It
Shairp, Mordant Gay Plays The Green Bay Tree (2)
Shaw, Bernard Pygmalion (6)
Man and Superman
Saint Joan (2)
Plays Pleasant ( Arms and the Man
( Candida
( Man of Destiny
( You Never Can Tell
In Good King Charles’s Golden Days
Heartbreak House
Plays for Puritans ( The Devil’s Deciple ( +5 photocopies)
( Caesar and Cleopatra
( Captain Brassbound’s Conversion
The Genius of the Irish theatre John Bull’s Other Island
Shaw, Irwin 20 Best USA Bury the Dead
She Stoops to Conquer Oliver Goldsmith
Sheridan The Rivals
Sherman, Martin Some Sunny Day
Sherriff, R C Famous Plays of Today Journey’s End
Home at Seven
Sherwood, Robert 25 USA The Road To Rome
20 Best USA Idiot’s Delight
Shop for Charity (1a) Charles Mander
Shoppers (1a) Deckchairs 1 Jean McConnell
Short Changed Deckchairs 2 Jean McConnell
Sicilian, The Moliere
Side Show* Bill Russell
Sira, G & M Martinez Take Two From One
Holy Night
Signpost to Murder Monte Doyle
Simon, Neil California Suite
Come Blow up Your Horn
—- The Good Doctor
They’re Playing Our Song
The Old Couple(2)
Simpson N F The Cresta Run
The Form
Penguin Plays 2 A Resounding Tinkle
One Way Pendulum
Sirocco Vol 3 Noel Coward
Sisson, Rosemary Ann The Queen and the Welshman
Six Degrees of Separation John Guare
Skin of Our Teeth, The Thornton Wilder
Slade, Bernard Romantic Comedy (2)
Same Time Another Year
Special Occasions
You Say Tomatoes
Sleeper Murders, the Don Woods
Sleep of Prisoners, A Christopher Fry
Sleeping Prince, The Terence Rattigan
Slight Ache, A Harold Pinter
Small Hotel Rex Frost
Smith, Dodie The Hundred and One Dalmatians
Plays of the 30s Vol 1 Dear Octopus (3)
Plays of the 30s Vol 2 Autumn Crocus
Smith, Stephen Departure (1a)
So Far….No further Philip King
Someone Waiting Emlyn Williams
Sometimes Even You Famous Plays of 1933 W Chatham-Strode
South Pacific* Rogers & Hammerstein
Spokesong* Stewart Parker
Spectacles 19th C Sidney Grundy
Spewck, Bella 20 Best USA Boy Meets girl
Spring and Port Wine Bill Naughton
Stage Door 20 Best USA Edna Ferber
Stallings, Laurance 25 USA What Price Glory
State Fair* Rogers & Hammerstein
State of the Union Best USA Howard Lindsey
Stepmother, The A A Milne
Stoppard, Tom After Magritte
Rosencrantz & Gildernstern are Dead (2)
The Fifteen Minute Hamlet (1a)
Storm, Lesley Black Chiffon
Look No Hands
The Long Echo
Great Day
Story, Robert Plays of the year 1958 Touch it Light
Strange Orchestra Famous Plays of the Year 32 -33 Rodney Ackland
Street Car Named Desire, A (2) Tennessee Williams
Street Scene 25 USA Elmer Rice
Stepmother (1a) Plays of Today 1 Arnold Bennett
Strictly Dishonourable 25 USA Preston Sturges
Strife Great Modern Plays John Galsworthy
Stop it Whoever You Are Penguin Plays 5 Henry Livings
Sturges, Preston 25 USA Strictly Dishonourable
Submarines Gay Plays Tom McClenaghn
Such Men are Dangerous Famous Plays of Today Ashley Duke
Suddenly at Home (2) Francis Durbridge
Summer and Smoke Best USA Tennessee Williams
Summer of the Seventeenth Doll Ray Lawler
Superior Residence, The collection Goldini
Surprise Package Dean Greenwood & Derek Parkes
Sutton, Shaun A Christmas Carol
Sweeny Todd Hugh wheeler & Stephen Sondheim
   “         “ Austin Rosser
Sweet Bird of Youth Tennessee Williams
Sweet Revenge Francis Durbridge
Synge,J M The Genius of the Irish Theatre Diedre of the Sorrows
Great Modern Plays Riders to the Sea (1a)
Tabitha Arnold Ridley & Mary C Borer
Taking Steps Alan Ayckbourn
Take Two from One G & M Martinez Sierra
Tarantara, Tarantara* (2) Ian Taylor
Tartuff (2) Moliere
Taylor, Cecil Happy Days Are Here Again
Taylor, Dan Book Directing Plays
Taylor, Ian Tarantara, Tarantara
Taylor, Tom 19th C ( Masks and Faces
( The Ticket of Leave Man
Tchekov, Anthon. see also Chekhov [ The Seagull
[ The Cherry Orchard
Tea House of the August Moon John Patrick
Ten Minute Alibi Famous Plays of 33 Anthony Armstrong
Ten Times Table Alan Ayckbourn
Theatrical Digs (1a) Deckchairs 2 Jean McConnell
Teechers Collection John Godber
There’s a Girl in My Soup Terence Frisby
They Came to a City J B Priestly
This Happy Breed Vol 4 Noel Coward
Thistle and the Rose, the Plays of the year 1950 William Douglas-Home
“This Was a Man” Vol 3 Noel Coward
This Year of Grace Vol 2 Noel Coward
Thread O’ Scarlet (1a) Plays of Today J J Bell
Thursday’s Ladies Loleh Bellan Translated by Barbara Bray
They Knew What they Wanted 25 USA Sidney Howard
They’re Playing Our song Neil Simon
Thomas, Basil Book of the Month
Thomas, Brandon Charlie’s Aunt(3)
Thomas, Dylan Under Milk Wood (2)
Thompson, Ernest On Golden Pond (2)
Thomas T C First Windmill Book of 1 Act Plays Davy Jones’s Dinner (1a)
Three Daughter of M. Dupont 3 Brieux Plays Brieux
Three Men on a Horse 20 Best USA George Abbott
Three Musketeers – le Panteau, The Richard Lloyd
Three Sisters Penguin classics Anthon Chekhov
Ticket of Leave Man, The 19th C Tom Taylor
Tiger and the Horse, The Robert Bolt
Time and the Conways (2) G B shaw
Time and Time Again Alan Ayckbourn
Time of My Life (2) Alan Ayckbourn
Toad of Toad Hall A A Milne
Tobacco Road 20 Best USA Jack Kirkland
Tobias and the Angel Plays of the 30s J M Barrie
Torch-Bearers, The George kelly
To Dorothy a Son Plays of the Year 1950 Roger McDougal
Tomb with a View Norman Robbins
Tom Jones (2) Joan Mcapine
Tonight at 8.30 Vol 4 see sketches Noel Coward
Top of the Ladder Plays of the Year 1949- 50 Tyrone Guthrie
Torch Light Plays of the Year 58 Robert Story
Torch Song Trilogy Hervey Fierstiens
Touch Wood Famous Plays of 1934 C L Anthony
Tragedy of Tragedeus or Tom Thumb Beggar’s Opera Henry Fielding
Travers, Ben After You with the Milk
Rookery Nook
Treadwell, Sophie 25 USA Machinal
Treasure Hunt M J Farell
Trelawny of the Wells Great Modern Plays Arthur Pinero
Trial By Jury Original Plays of WSG W S Gilbert
Tribute Bernard Slade
Trifles (1a) Best USA Susan Glaspell
Tristram, David A Bolt From the Blue
—- The Fat Lady Sings in Little Grimley
Last Panto in Little Grimley
Last Tango in Little Grimley
Searching for Doctor Branovic
Tunniswood, Peter The Village Féte
Turpin, John Irresistible Albert (1a)
Twelfth Night Shakespeare
Two and Bed Jim Cartwright
Two’s a Crowd (1a) Michael Legat
Two Roses 19th C James Albery
Uncle Vanya Anthon Chekhov
Under Milk Wood(2) Dylan Thomas
Under the Twelfth sign (1a) (3) Enid Coles
Unexpected Guest, The Agatha Christie
Up N’ Under collection John Godber
Utopia Limited Original Plays of WSG 3 W S Gilbert
Van Druten, John I Am A Camera
Famous Plays of 1932-33 Behold We live
Famous Plays of Today Young Woodley
I Remember Mama
Best USA Bell, Book and Candle
Vane, Sutton Great Modern Plays Outward Bound
Vari, John Farewell, Farewell Eugene
Venecian Twins collection Goldoni
Verdict Agatha Christie
Vickery, Frank Ppullin’ the Wool
Vigil, The Ladislas Foder
village Féte Peter Tinniswood
Vincent Leonard Nimay
Virgin Goddess, The Great Modern Plays Rudolf Besier
virtue in Danger or Her Honour in Peril Pat Norris
Vortex, The Plays 1 Noel Coward
   “        “ Vol 1 “         “
Vosper, Frank Love from a Stranger
Voyage Round MY Father, A John Mortimer
Voysey Inheritance Plays of the day 1925 H Granville Baker
Waiting in the Wings (2) Noel Coward
Wait Till Dark (2) Frederick Knott
Walls of Jerico, The Great Modern Plays Alfred Sutra
Warburton, Nick The Last Bread Pudding (1a)
Ward, Wilfred Family Cinderella
Wasserman, Dale One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest
Watehurst, Neville The cafe´
Waterhouse, Keith Celebration
Plays of the 1960s Billy Liar (2)
Jeffrey Bernard is Unwell
Waters of Babylon, The Plays 1 John Arden
Waters of the Moon N C Hunter
Way of the World Congreve
Weapon in Wax, A (1a) A J Bradbury
Wells, Orson Moby Dick Rehearsed
Watenbaker, Timberlake Our Country’s good
Wesker, Arnold Penguin Plays 7 Chips with Everything (3)
I’m Talking About Jerusalem
Penguin Plays 1 Chicken Soup with Barley
Penguin Plays 2 The Kitchen
West Indian, The Beggar’s Opera Richard Cumberland
What are Little girls made Of Peter Coke
What Every Woman Knows J M Barrie
What Price Glory 25 USA Laurence Stellings
What Shall We Tell Caroline (3) John Mortimer
Wheeler, Hugh Sweeny todd
Whelks and Chromium, The Radio Plays Jeremy Sandford
When is a Door Not a Door Plays 1 John Arden
When We Were married J B Priestley
Where Angels Fear to Tread Elizabeth hart
Where’s Charlie ? George Abott & Frank Loesser
While the Sun Shines Terence Rattigan
White Chateau, The Great Modern Plays Reginald, Berkeley
White Dresses (1a) 25 USA Paul Green
Whitehead, E A Alpha Beta
Whiting, John Penguin Plays 6 The Devils
Penguin Plays 5 Marching song
Whitmore, Hugh Pack of Lies
Wilcox, Michael Gay Plays Accounts
Wild Duck, The Henrik Ibsen
Wilde, Oscar The Importance of Being Ernest (3)
A woman of No Importance (2)
Lady Windermere’s Fan
Penguin ( Salome
( An ideal Husband
Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime
Pan [ Lady Windermere’s Fan
[The Importance of Being Ernest
[An Ideal Husband
Wilde, Percival First Windmill Book of 1 Act Plays The Enchanted Christmas Tree (1a)
Wilder, Thornton ( Our town
( The skin of Our Teeth
( The Matchmaker
Williams, Emlyn Famous Plays of 1933 The Late Christopher Bean (2)
Someone Waiting
The Corn is Green ( The Corn is Green
( The Druids Rest
( The Wind of Heaven
Williams, Tennessee Sweet Bird of Youth
A Streetcar Named Desire
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
Best USA ( A Streetcar Names Desire
( Summer and Smoke
Will Shakespeare -An Invitation Years Between Clemence Dane
Wilson, Angus Joe Turner’s Come and Gone
Wilson, Sandy The Boy Friend*
Wicked World, The Original Plays of WSG W S Gilbert
Wind in the Willows, The John Moreley
Wind of Heaven, The The Corn is Green Emlyn Williams
Winslow Boy, The (4) Plays 1 Terrence Rattigan
Winsloe, Christa Famous Plays of 1932- 33 Children in Uniform
Winterset 20 Best USA Maxwell Anderson
Witness for the Prosecution (2) Agatha Christie
Wolf’s Clothing Kenneth Horne
Women, The 20 Best USA Clare Boothe
Woman of No Importance, A Oscar Wilde
Women Have Their Way Serafin & Joaquin Alvarez Quintero
Wood, Margaret First Windmill Book of 1Act Plays Instruments of darkness
Woodard, Kenneth Morning Departure
Woods. Peter The Sleeper Murders
Words and Music Vol 2 Noel Coward
Words Upon the Window Pane Genius of the Irish Theatre W B Yates
Years Between, The Daphne Du Murier
Yates W B Genius of the Irish Theatre ( La La Noo
( The Words Upon the Window Pane
Yeomen of the Guard Original Plays of WSG 3 W S Gilbert
Yes and After New English 4 Michael Hastings
Yes My Darling Daughter 20 Best USA Mark Reed
You Can’t Take It With You 20 best USA George F Kaufman
You Never Can Tell Plays Pleasant G B Shaw
Young Idea, The Vol 3 Noel Coward
Young Wives Tale Plays of the Year 1949-50 Ronald Jeans
Young Woodley Famous Plays of Today Jan Van Ruten
You Say Tomatoes Bernard Slade
Zeal of Thy House Dorothy Sayers