Get Involved: Volunteer Roles with Ditchling Players

Ditchling Players is an active and lively group that puts on two productions each year. There are lots of ways to volunteer and get involved – both on and off stage – and work to create some amazing theatre.

We make sure we always have opportunities in all areas at every show – and we would welcome your help. It is a great way to understand theatre in more depth and the magic that it can create. To find out more, become a member or just to have a chat  – please contact us.

Show Team


Most shows have a range of parts from lead characters to minor parts and can be a great opportunity if you want to dip your toe in acting – or take on a more demanding role. Roles are offered after an open group audition, usually in the form of a relaxed read through of part or all of the script for the show. If you aren’t sure about parts – or just want a chat about what acting might involve contact the show’s director:


The director is responsible for the overall show and leading the team. Their main role is to direct the actors through rehearsals to bring the show to life. They also liaise with the rest of the production team so that costumes, publicity, set, lighting and sound are as they want it. Directors choose the plays they are putting on in conjunction with the committee. Although it sounds a daunting task the whole team of the Ditchling Players are working together to support them and bring the show to the stage.

We always have opportunities for assistant directors – a great way to learn the skills needed in a supportive environment. get in contact with for more information.


Essential to the rehearsal process, the prompt follows the script closely as the actors are learning and memorising their parts. Always at hand to help, it is a job that requires an eye for detail and is a great chance to watch the show develop from printed words on a page to a living breathing performance. Find out more by contacting

Back Stage

Set Design and Building

We are lucky to have an extensive library of scenery and ‘flats’ to use in our productions and have a computer-aided design system to build 3d models of the set before building. Its easy to learn to use and the set team create the design with the director before building and painting in etc weeks before the show. We are looking to expand this social group and no prior skills are required – just enthusiasm and a hands-on approach. Contact for more details.

Stage Management

The stage management team make the show happen on the night – ensuring cast and crew are doing what they should be at the right time. Linking together and cuing the actors, stage crew, props team, light and sound they ensure that the Ditchling Players deliver a technically excellent show each and every night. Contact for more details.

Stage Crew

Depending on the show and its technical requirements we often need stage crew to help with moving scenery and props between scenes or to work special effects. The props team and stage crew often work closely together to make sure that everything is exactly where it needs to be for the actors. Contact for more details.

Lighting and Sound

Ditchling Players have an excellent computer controlled (but easy to learn) lighting system and a wide range of lights to set the atmosphere for a show. Complementing this is a modern digital sound desk to add music and sound effects. There are always opportunities to learn and help out. Contact for more details.

Props and Costume

Complementary teams who search out the decorations for the stage and costumes for actors that define the atmosphere and feel of a show. Thanks to its long history the Ditchling Players have an extensive library of costumes available and an excellent collection of props for most eras. Get in touch if you would be interested in working at our next show. Contact for more details.

Front of House


Designing the show poster, programme and advertising are an important role for the publicity team. We always welcome anyone who has an interest in art or graphic design to help out with this. Spreading the word about shows is vital to selling tickets so we have lots of help to promote shows in local media, facebook, emails and through other channels. More hands make light work in this area so we would welcome your help if you would be interested. Contact for more information.

Front of House

Each show night our team of volunteers are there to welcome the audience, check tickets, sell programmes and drinks. Joining the front of house crew is a great way to dip your toe in the water – there are always plenty of people to show you the ropes and you can help out for even just one night. Contact for more information.