Private Lives by Noel Coward

Auditions: Mon 5 August 19:30

Everyone is welcome to attend auditions to act or get involved backstage in our next show.

Noël Coward’s elegant and often bitingly funny comedy of manners, gives a wonderful insight into the marital politics and sexual etiquette of the 1930s.  Elyot and Amanda, divorced for five years and honeymooning in adjacent hotel suites in the south of France with new partners, are shocked to discover their proximity to one another and having done so, what then follows veers from the comic to the often poignant at break neck speed.  Perhaps not as popular with Amateur Dramatic groups as other Coward pieces such as Blithe Spirit and Hay Fever, it demands so much of the four players involved, the dialogue is nevertheless vintage Coward requiring merely the deftest of touches to bring it into sharp relief and provide superb theatre.


  • Sibyl Chase: Elyot’s second wife, considerably younger than him and quite unworldly.  She has charm, an appealing vulnerability and adores Elyot.
  • Elyot Chase: Outwardly suave and urbane, his polish having made him irresistible to Sybil, he is capable of formidable levels of feeling and quite content to fly in the face of polite society in order to satisfy them.
  • Victor Prynne: Would carefully consider whether or not to defy society or indeed anyone.  Drawn to Amanda’s apparent wildness, he is nevertheless slightly overwhelmed and awed by it and would eventually try to curb it.
  • Amanda Prynne: Worldly, striking and strong willed she has never quite been able to forget Elyot.  Though she has affection for Victor, Elyot is her perfect foil and weakness.

The auditions, on 5th August in Ditchling Village Hall 19.30 for 20.00 hourswill involve reading chosen extracts from Private Lives and if you would like to see a copy of the play before this date, please do contact me on: .

Sara Fisher, Director